I like to think if I was a kid, reading comics, I won't miss a chance to partner side-to-side with Superman or Batman, but I simply outgrew comics too much to enjoy it as anything more than some quick passtime.

I stopped reading comics, between other things, because the genre doesn't move. Half a century down the road Batman still pursues the Joker, who will keep escaping Arkham. At this point they may as well have a template for it.

But I want to say some good things about DC Online... the world (i.e. the cities) look good, better than I expected and having combat being a brawl instead of the old icon-clicking routine gives it a breath of fresh air.

The game is a bit better than I expected (I had terribly low expectations) but isn't polished enough as I'd like and being a MMORPG, I simply I will just pass this one.

But a Warhammer 40k MMORPG? I'd be willing to try, even if for watch the train wreck on the front seat.