Cliff Notes

My first play through Mass Effect 2, I played one difficulty above normal because I wanted not of a big challenge. I wanted to choose my squadmates based on the mission or my personal liking.

This end up being a good decision because the 3 squadmates I found the strongest were also some of the most boring, Grunt, Jack and Miranda.

Grunt had simply too much HP and was the perfect meat shield, and him having a bullet power was a nice thing (I was engineer and had none).

Miranda had one of the best support power (a party wide passive buff) and his biotic powers were not bad. Jack had this killer combo of biotic powers and the best bullet power in the game.

Miranda was nice to have now and them, and Grunt, while bland, was mostly harmless, but Jack pissed of me to no end and I probably used her the least. I always brought Mordin, Garrus, Tali or Legion. Having Tali, Legion and 3rd Engineer for a drone-infested attack, while not effective, was very fun.

I did a 2nd try on Insane, using only the best options, but this made me realize sometimes it's better to give way to challenge in exchange for some fun.