Work Conditions

An ex-employee talked about working conditions at Rockstar being less than ideal and by less than ideal we are talking about 100 a hours week crunch.

Rockstar reacted by allowing their current employees to freely talk on social media about how is to work there. Now, some points...

I seriously doubt they have a 100 hours weekly routine at Rockstar right now since I doubt the company would risk some employee simply telling the truth. This doesn't mean this was not true some years ago thou. I also believe some crunch may happen, but the real number is up to debate.

However, if the people at Rockstar were being whipped into shape to deliver the game in time I very much doubt anyone would come ahead and say anything. This will ruin your reputation inside AND outside the company and who would hire someone who goes on social media to talk bad about you?

Still, nobody was seen to have said anything dire about Rockstar at least publicity so there is that thou there are rumors of anonymous sources telling a slightly different tale...