Mann Milk

My review of (part) the Polycount Sets

I broke several of my previous scout records using the shortstop. The milk allow me to go fighting forever and even fight heavies 1 x 1. The fish is just the old bat with a funny skin so there is nothing much to say abou it. However, using the whole set nets +25 HP and suddently you are cardbox thing instead of just paper thin!

Sydney Sleeper is great to pissing of people (pun not intended) but you will suffer to kill anyone with more than 150 HP. The Darwing shield extra HP isn't bad but comes to the class which usually dies from stabs or headshots, both instant kills no matter your life.I enjoyed only the new knife but I'd like to note you prob. one shot most classes with just Jarate + normal knife.

Love the Battalion Back up, it's very easy to fill the rage meter and the protective bonus is really handy, specially to prevent a random criticial ruining your party. Hate the Black Box. If you enjoy rocket jump it means you have just 2 rockets to shoot after getting yourself on high ground.

Still need to get most of both Pyro and Spy items.

Overall, the Scout set (as a whole) and the Batallion Back-Up are the items which are now part of my new loadout. The rest is nice to play for a while but I end up using my old toys.

Thanks in special to Sage Griffin and Ihmhi to help me complete the Scout set.