Yesterday comic was to be something completely different but problems made me not only not upload it, as to change it completely.

My review of the 2nd Part of Polycount

Gas Jockey
The Degreaser is godly if you are one of these melee Pyros  but it's nice to quickly switching to the shotgun so you can finish a fleeing opponent. The weaker afterburn can hurt but I think it may be worth it. The Powerjack however I think makes the Pyro a melee class. The HP gain is nice but the axtinguisher just finish people in 1 shot.

Saharan Spy
The Eternal Reward animation is broken right now making the weapon confusing.. but losing the disguise is surpringsly not that much of a problem except when you are trying to break a sentry nest. The gun-with-a-french-name may be good for Dead Ringer spy as a way to quickly recharge their cloak but I find the lessened damage too big to ignore.

BONUS - Vitasaw
I find this weapon funny because it's best used in situation you are expecting to die a lot so you may have a chance of retaining some uber, but if you are dying that much, won't having less HP make it worst? Maybe it's worth on 6v6 where if most of your team dies you will fall no matter what, so keeping some charge may help getting a new uber faster.