Life is a Bitch

I guess what attracted me on Minecraft wasn't what to build, but how to build it.

While erecting my 60 block high tower, some problems arised... how to properly build it? How to go down after I my tower is high enough to kill me if I jump down? How to get up again after I went down to grab more stone?

These and other small problems added some amazing little challenges which made the endeavour interesting.

However, with my tower built I simply had no drive to build more. Yes, I could build a higher, more complex one but the challenge just was not there anymore. I know how to do it and thus, had no interest in trying.

Since the game is on Alpha, I expect Notch to add some new twists, perhaps some bigger, over-reaching goal so player like me start mining again.

Still.. even without it, I have on the back of my mind this plan of building a city.. nothing big, but I am sure all these big projects started that way.