Kiss Me, Mon

I guess if I made a Alliance comic, it's just fair doing one for the posture-challenged opposing side too.

Doing a WoW strip always make me think on it's supposed adversary, Guild Wars 2 but at this point I am immune to hype. I know of the nice ideas, I saw the videos, I loved the art but in the end, playing the game is what matters and, so far, there is just a promisse. C'mon ArenaNet, less tease, more meat.

Given Minecraft server meltdown and the chance of freely trying it I gave it a try and while I simply don't enjoy open-world sandbox game I end up putting more hours on it than I expected. All I can say is the game formula works delightifully and there is some genuine pleasure in building your virtual castle with your own square hands.

I guess I will buy it, if anything to use that engie-tan skin.