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Big Win

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13 days ago
Didn't we establish that Victoire is the nasty sort of toad where she's like "it's not enough that I win! Others must lose!" Like, get a f***ing life. Jesus.
15 days ago
En passant!
15 days ago
I like Anne more so at least she got that going for her.
15 days ago
They are playing 5d chess and the kings are on another dimension.
16 days ago
Maybe it's /tg/ chess?
"Pawn to D4." "Knight to E6." "I play an Island then Cloud Sprite. Pass." "I cast Fireball for 5D6 damage." "I discard two, then draw. Three of a kind." (And yeah, /tg/ playing ANYTHING never makes it past the fourth move without devolving into Calvinball.)
16 days ago
Anne : "My sister's king is gone, so I won !"

Victoire : "Wait, what happened to both our kings ?"

Maybe they played the game "Tempête sur échiquier" (Knightmare Chess) where some cards can transform a piece into King.