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Big Win
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4 months ago
Didn't we establish that Victoire is the nasty sort of toad where she's like "it's not enough that I win! Others must lose!" Like, get a f***ing life. Jesus.
4 months ago
En passant!
4 months ago
I like Anne more so at least she got that going for her.
4 months ago
They are playing 5d chess and the kings are on another dimension.
4 months ago
Maybe it's /tg/ chess?
"Pawn to D4." "Knight to E6." "I play an Island then Cloud Sprite. Pass." "I cast Fireball for 5D6 damage." "I discard two, then draw. Three of a kind." (And yeah, /tg/ playing ANYTHING never makes it past the fourth move without devolving into Calvinball.)
4 months ago
Anne : "My sister's king is gone, so I won !"

Victoire : "Wait, what happened to both our kings ?"

Maybe they played the game "Tempête sur échiquier" (Knightmare Chess) where some cards can transform a piece into King.