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16 days ago
He was also a Mexican in Odissey.
18 days ago
Weird seeing Mario without a hat. Oh, also Mario looks good in anything.
Hannu Ala-Olla
20 days ago
"This was my plan all along!"
21 days ago
Mario really said "Bitch, watch me!"
21 days ago
I don't normally kink shame, but WTF Toad!
21 days ago
"I wonder if I can get this in red or blue?"
21 days ago
I want a full-size version of Kunoichi Peach.
21 days ago
Nintendo's running out of ideas. Zelda did this first.
Ovis Militaris
21 days ago
Mario's plumbing is just as thicc and long as that strip of cloth.
21 days ago
"Why don't YOU try it on?!" And Mario said "Bet".
21 days ago
We all knew this was going to go down a DOA route... And who wouldn't love to see Peach wearing a tiny pink and white version of Kasumi's white ninja outfit.