Not Fat But Strong Thor

Let take this short because I feel some people are tired of the fat Thor discussion already.

Fictional character doesn't exist in real life, therefore, their power is not constrained by logic. The small little girl may have the strength of giants and the hulking beast may be weak as a kitten.

However, it helps if the character plays the part. Unless you are going for comedic effect, the strong guy looks buff and tough. Is God of War buff and tough? Not for me. I can't see his muscles behind the armor and isn't like he is carrying a gigantic sword like Guts do. They however used negative space to give a nice focus on his round belly.

The fact people keep calling him Fat Thor shows that's is how people see him. There is a strong focus on his belly and little else. The need to constantly need to bring outside examples to convince people they are "seeing it wrong" for me shows the image fails to showcase him as someone might. May as well put a tag to the side saying "p.s, he is strong"