Have you played Fallout 1 or 2? Encased is like that but with modern graphics and an improved interface.

I am surprised at how much they captured of the original game. Even the little bit of what I saw of the story I found pretty good. The game even had some of the edge Fallout had which sadly is lost on most modern sanitized AAA games.

I need to say however, Fallout 1 and 2 are different beasts from the 3d Fallout with perhaps the exception of New Vegas which I have not played. So if you are a fan of the new Fallouts, definitely do not think this is a recommendation.

My personal praise is how good the character build and interface are. For people who like to min-max or just created a very specific type of character like a lone wanderer who only uses their fists, the game allows you to do it, tho how easy is to win with this kind of character is still in the air and I think this is part of the challenge.