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I never owned a Playstation, my gaming "career" went from SNES to PC so I never experienced the worst of loading times in gaming and never got used to it like some of my friends.

So when I find a game with loading times for me it's the most egregious of things. I totally understand why Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64 with cartridges because they didn't believe gamers would accept the loading times of DVDs back in 1996.

We are now in 2018 and if loading times bothered me back then imagine right now. Of course, modern loading times are nowhere as bad as they used to be but we also have faster machines and honestly, less tolerance for this kind of stuff.

I may give Anthem a chance some day but not while I heard the word loading times near it's name. I simply don't enjoy any game plagued by loading times and like I say all the time, it's not like there is a shortage of games out there fighting for our time, time best used playing instead of waiting the game to load.