Old School

Old school anime had fanservice, but (most) were not centered around it. Some animes had more, some had less but even the animes who were clearly going for the sex appeal with revealing outfits they still tried to had some plot or humor. I'm sure there are exceptions for this rule, as with everything.

Now I feel we have several animes with very little plot and centered around as many panties and groping you can fit in 20 minutes. If by one side they will not cross some lines (no more underage Bulma upskirt) they learned how to push the envelope as much as possible without getting a lawsuit, and cross said line on the DVD release.

Not every anime is like that but every season we'll have at least one of what I call "pantsu anime", together with some harem anime and one "club of girls doing cute things". Most are meh, or maybe I'm old. I'll go with both.