Today for the 1st time I found Mountain Dew for sale where I live. Yes, for better or for worse I never tasted MD.

While I had low expectation about how good a soft drink could be, I still bought of bottle so I could finally be a true gamer. I even bought a pack of Doritos for the full MLG experience.

Like I expected, it is... fine. I surely won't cross the city for a bottle of it and I think it's on par with other citrus beverages. It strongly remind me of Redoxon though.

However, that yellowish color... my god, that just don't look healthy. It just scream "artificial" and the 1st thing I tough when I poured it on my glass was "it looks like piss, I sure hope it don't taste like it."

I guess I'm not geing sponsored by Mountain Dew anytime soon.

Now I just need to find some Dr. Pepper to achieve soft drink mastery.