Forgotten Heroes

Pitlord is one of the few Dota 1 heroes not ported yet to Dota 2, he is also one of the oldest Dota heroes.

I don't know what's holding his release so much. Perhaps the Dota 2 team is smaller now so they lack the manpower needed to constantly delivery new heroes, or perhaps there are plans to reach a maximum number of heroes available so it's better to slow down now.

They may also just trying to prum the ever growing number of bugs instead of adding a new hero which will probably bring more trouble to the table.

Unrelated, looks like there will be a new Star Wars movie which will NOT be Eps VIII... I guess Disney decided to start milking the franchinse full force now, though I ponder if the public will be so eager to fill the threaters if new Star Wars movies are not scarce anymore.