Love Can Bloom

This comic was made twice, because when I finished inking SAI crashed and I lost everything.

Anyway, I found XCom 2 crysalids super lackluster. Imagine Stun Lancers who always one-shot your soldiers and create a new Stun Lancer by doing it, that's how DOS XCom Crysalids used to be.

They were countered by Flying Armor though, and if you advanced slowy you would have plenty of time to shoot him down. The nightmare scenery would be a night terror mission because buildings block line of sight and civilians generate plenty of extra crysalids. Honestly, this is was a invite for disaster and a smart commander would just abandon the mission if he saw a single Crysalid there.

The new Crysalids  are so flimsy they only managed to hit one of my soldiers once, and die to a counter-melee attack after that. Honestly, Faceless and Stun Lancers gave me more trouble.