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Balance Guide
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over 3 years ago
The attitude of the community overall makes me only feel like trying DOTA once or twice a year, then drop it right back.
almost 4 years ago
@Raxyz: i have a totally different opinion, her ulti is a free kill button, it's so sweet especially when 2 enemy carries are near eachother. it works perfect in a game when enemy team has more than 2 or 2 actual late game carries, hell i would even buy refresher as 3rd core item for her
almost 4 years ago
@Alvin Wiltan: Smaller area and similar CD. Seemed fine to me. Now she's not hard to play, she's a less useful Naga Siren.
I tried playing the new WW, you basically don;t have an ult anymore, it's only meant to escape.
Alvin Wiltan
almost 4 years ago
@Raxyz: WW was clearly OP, it has a basically better black hole. However, the new nerf makes her annoyingly hard to play.
almost 4 years ago
Replace all options with "Cry about it on Reddit".
almost 4 years ago
They need to undo or rework Winter Wyvern entirely. She was awesome on launch, regular after first nerf, and completely and utterly useless now. She was already a rare sight in pubs, now completely extinct.
And they buffed Pudge 'cuz his presence wasn't high enough already...
almost 4 years ago
First. Nerf that.