I know I already did a Warcraft movie, but not with Morgan reaction about it.

Her reaction more closely ressemble mine. The movie is fine, but it's has a more Warcraft III vibe than a classic Warcraft one.

On the original DOS game, orcs were basically mindless green monsters. They were the bad guys, pillaging and killing the poor humans. Human good, orc bad, a simpler game for a simpler time.

Warcraft III gave the orcs personality and honor, but make them less of an antagonist. I -enjoyed- having orcs like bad guys.

Also, the visuals aren't exactly like I expect from Warcraft. I guess they would not translate well into a movie but them.... what is the point? I feel like the movie is made for people who never played the game and it may work.

I almost feel like they were a bit ashamed of their legacy and tried to make it more palatable for the modern audiences, but on this quest to make everybody happy they may end up not satisfying anyone.

Well, can't be worse than the Mario movie, right?