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over 8 years ago
@Noam Ben Arih: Legion Q got one purpose. Multi-unit carries control.
Phantom Lancer? Throw Q, get fast as Bloodseeker and identify the PL.
Meepo? Start the duel with a huge advantage.
Naga Siren, Tusk's snowball, that's a few uses of Q.
You're right on one thing though, no duels, no carry.
over 8 years ago
@Jo Pereira: Good to know. It's always good to check though.
over 8 years ago
@Noam Ben Arih: Too weak? He is an excellent split-push hero and a great safelane carry. Good against squishy nukers. He is squishy himself true, but he can turn into a one man army with his Metamorphosis, Manta and other illusions while still being able to hold his own during a fight. Just git gud.
over 8 years ago
over 8 years ago
@anothga: You're right, her one job was to clean not read. :p
over 8 years ago
I just want you to know that there are ads on your site for male versions of adult diapers.
over 8 years ago
@Ryugo: axe sucks ass lategame and legion Q is pretty worthless
and if she doesn't get any decent duels she falls short lategame when people get linkins and evasion
over 8 years ago
There was no mistake, Icefrog's balance is trash
over 8 years ago
Damn it, Jane. You had ONE job.
over 8 years ago
@Raxyz: Yep, he seen fine, I was worrying too much think.
over 8 years ago
What about your cat? Everthing alright?
over 8 years ago
Naga isn't weak. She could always be played as a support/ganker without Radiance. I can agree on most of the rest, except for Alch, LC and Axe. Alch isn't balanced for pubs, currently. The other two are fine AND popular.

Too bad this comic won't turn itself into a meme - blame it on Jane.
over 8 years ago
@Nroejb: It's called balancing everything together than throwing some new guys that are in the general ballpark to the old stuff and then adjust from there. Also, intent is not the same thing as practice, seeing as practice is what actually happens from the changes, not intent.
over 8 years ago
heroes that are too weak are:
legion commander
naga siren (she needs a complete remake, change her illusion skill and make her ranged)

elder titan
and the list goes on and on...
over 8 years ago
@Destroyer_Bravo Actually they're still voting for it. It still has to go thru senate and get presidential approval.
About Dota, they still have a couple of heroes already launched long ago in Dota 1 to port to 2, so it probably won't need too much tweaking.
over 8 years ago
If Jane saw what she was tossing out, I wouldn't put it past her to edit the notes to make herself a hero. And maybe the other girls if she was feeling nice.

Or would that be what Anne-Marie'd do?
over 8 years ago
I heard they raised the Brazil Tax on online purchases, or rather implemented one. Is this true?
over 8 years ago
I'm not sure if new heroes and better balancing at the same time is even doable. Certainly never been done in practice.