Money Crush

Candy Crush plays a bit like bejeweled, just with candy, a funny voice actor and a pay-to-win scheme.

The first levels are pretty easy to beat without any boost, but has the levels advance, your chances are heavily diminished because most of the board will have locked blocks.

The game is part skill (to detect good combos) and part luck (to have good combos avalliable) but you can replace luck (which is random) with money and impress your friends with your progress and high-score.

It don't work for me though, I was created playing NES games which made me a glutton for punishment, and I'm savvy enough to detect a money-grabbing scheme when I see one. I'd play Candy Crush until it get ridiculous hard to demand either too much luck (or money) and just drop it.

I pity the fool who lack self-control though. The game is like Las Vegas sprinkled in cocaine.