I won't say nerfing Inferno mode (again) is the perfect solution, but I think it works. Given game progression slow to a crawl after you hit 60 and beat Hell mode, may as well make Inferno a bit easier so people can have fun with different builds.

Diablo 2 was more about slowly making your way thru Hell, getting these extra levels and hoping for that awesome drop, but even if you found no good drops you get XP which gives you lvls which improved your skills. You always moved foward. Diablo 3 good drops are rare and you only get a small upgrade with Paragon levels, and even Paragon levels are a welcome adition because before it, it was perfectly possible to end up your day with absolute no progression in gear or levels.

Diablo is the new Sonic. At this point, even if the game paid people to play while doing their dishes and cooking their meals people would not be happy about it.