Suddenly, we have not one but two XCom games being made, the FPS one and one like the traditional.

I knew about the traditional, strategic one for a while but given how late they started making it I did not expect it to be done any time soon but lo and behold, the game is finished and ready for pre-order on Steam.

Now, there been several sequels of X-Com, and none was as good as the original .Some people like Terror from the Deep but I hated it's super long maps.

So, yes, there been other X-Com games and all had it's shortcomings. It's not even to say the original was perfect. It had tons of bugs and if you know what to do it's was easy to "abuse" some mechanics but hell, it was fun.

So, new Xcom I saw this tale before but hell... I want to storm alien ships again. The wise man on me says "wait for the reviews" but the kid screams "buy it now".

So far, the kid is winning.