I played the original Warcraft, when it was just Orcs and Humans, your building had to be linked by a road and you had to select every unit separately, no control group.

Orcs had strengh and savagery, humans had technology, humans used sorcery, orcs tapped on demonology.

Each faction had a distinct visual flavor, even with the units being mirrored. A footman was as strong as a grunt, but a footman was covered in steel and the orc was big and burly.

But this was long ago and I feel the mordern warcraft speak to a new generation of players, full of pop culture references and steampunk orcs casting fireballs against kung-fu pandas.

Seeing the trailer brought memories of the old Warcraft but I learned to not get stuck in the past. Warcraft moved on and so should I.

Looking the patch notes, I feel Mists will be a very nice upgrade to WoW, and I wish I could force myself to play it, but between the grind and the defilement of the old lore, I just can't.

I expect the pokemon battles to be a huge hit thou. Pokemon battles in Warcraft... my god...