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about 12 years ago
Fake, air ducts are that big cause gordon didn't speak.
Solid Snake
about 12 years ago
I am Solid Snake, and I'm not amused by this
about 12 years ago
I like how the HEV suit does the talking for him.
Totally plausible and in fact a nice twist;
having an artificial intelligence in your suit is something that may have been done before (halo), but fits in this universe. After all, an artificial intelligence stabbed onto your gun isn't that far awa
about 12 years ago
I work in a Secret facility and we just retrofitted with air ducts that are much larger. The old ones were like 1 foot by 1.5 foot. the new ones are almost 4 time the size. After all, gotta comply with equal opportunity laws
Nando Rock
over 12 years ago
a duct whit tons of weapons in back
over 12 years ago
now he knows how a tv dinner feels
over 12 years ago
the Metal Gear Solid series actually nailed how air ducts actually worked, in the first game, you got these narrow feelings of being completely helpless when in a air duct or under a parked car or table, but in Metal Gear Solid 2 you could (barely) shoot from underneath it, giving you some defense.
An Onymous
over 12 years ago
I always did think the airducts in videogames and movies were off...
P.S. Since when can Freeman speak?
over 12 years ago
in half life 1 it was pretty possible for those air-ducts, cause it was supposed to bring a sh**load of air through a gaint underground facility or else hundreds of scientists would die.
and dont forget maintenance.

but hl2 had some points where it was not quite realistic with air ducts.
over 12 years ago
Not to mention the supports are thin metal straps made to hold the vents weight only and sharp sheet metal edges everywhere.
over 12 years ago
Infact my old school had gym-building with air-ducts
like the one above. I have even photograph for that.
over 12 years ago
Oh yeah , the air shaft is JUST enough for you to crawl comfortably. No matter if your protagonist is woman or man or how many rockets he carry with him :)
over 12 years ago


over 12 years ago
There's also the fact when some games make airducts so quiet to traverse in. Anyone within earshot can hear someone moving in an airduct.
Disgruntled the Dwarf.
over 12 years ago
I think the Bridge in half-life 2 is fairly symptomatic of a similar issue. he's leaping from place to place on girders that an acrobat would have some difficulty with as if it were nothing. so many things in games defy logic i don't see why the vent issue is getting to people.
over 12 years ago
Vents in Deus Ex always felt way too small for JC and Adam to contort their way into. I don't understand how they move in those.
Herp Derp
over 12 years ago
[url=#user_comment_131850]@Dark[/url]: They would lose -1 grillion of dollars (minus means negative, which means they would earn that much).
Sos you gots dis
over 12 years ago
its. its complimentary air duct. also, there's room for two in THAT hazard suit, wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more
over 12 years ago
[url=#user_comment_131878]@Edd[/url]: Turbine, correct?
over 12 years ago
[url=#user_comment_131847]@sinfire5[/url]: I remember not only crawling on tight air-ducts on Metal Gear but also being able to do U-turns inside them! Snake sure have a snake-like flexibility!
over 12 years ago
Good for you Mr. Cop. Taser his ass for saying a word.

The first panel reminds me of that one map in TF2.
over 12 years ago
To be fair, at my school, there are air ducts that are big enough to crawl through, and a few years ago, there were some kids who climbed around in them.
True Story.
over 12 years ago
[url=#user_comment_131860]@Regal[/url]: I lol'd at that.
over 12 years ago
To be completely fair usually if a character is crawling through duct work it's in a large complex where the actual duct work is about man-sized...Not crouch or slouch walk but definitely able to be crawled through. How else do you think your going to get air to the 30th floor?
over 12 years ago
Gordon Freeman does not speak...
over 12 years ago
"Why, Thor the god of thunder is trying to enter my building!"
over 12 years ago
[url=#user_comment_131850]@Dark[/url]: Eh and imagine all the fail 3rd album drama they've saved themselves by not doing it... just look at ME3. Better hope Diablo lives up to the rage generation's expectations.....
over 12 years ago
He does it with power of science!
over 12 years ago
I'll be waiting for him >:)
over 12 years ago
Can anyone calculate how much money would Valve has lost by not releasing HL3? or HL2E3?
BLU Scout
over 12 years ago
I see Gordon is heading toward BLU team's Command center from RED's Jail. I didn't expect him to work for the REDs.
over 12 years ago
Freeman has a strangely effeminate figure here.

over 12 years ago
Solid Gear Metal by Kojima Hideo anyone?
over 12 years ago
In a last project I did, I put a 1500x1500 duct, but with air flow 44000 m3/h and air speed 7 m/s its really difficult to crawl in them
over 12 years ago