Today's comic is based on my wish to play Journey, and the improbability of doing so. Sometimes there is a really, REALLY, good looking game like Twisted Shadow Planet which is console exclusive and I can only look from afar.

Both Twisted Shadow Planet and Journey would be game I would play no matter what because they just look SO good but, alas, it can't be. Sure, the list of must-have PC games is big (sometimes too big) but the gaming connoisseur on me want only the finest dishes and sometimes they just aren't on PC.

But buying a console just to play a couple of games just doesn't cut.

At least it looks like they are porting Demon's Soul to PC... but given the game challenge, I don't know if I should be happy or scared.

Did you ever wanted to play with famous people like Notch, Robin or TotalBiscuit? Here is your chance!

And if you don't like them, it's your chance to go there and show'em who is the boss.