Kids these days

You may not believe, but I'm fine with modern gaming. The past was good, but I can see it shortcomings. Overall, I think we have today the best of both worlds.

Today games voice, online multiplayer, more colors, more sounds and if I REALLY want to be old school there are tons of indie-games which plays just like that, and the old games are still there if someone want to play it.

My main gripe is lots of mainstream AAA games make such an effort to praise as many people as possible they just don't hold my attention. Also, some game companies are turning a bit too greedy on DLCs and stuff.

Still, the net result is positive, even if by volume alone.

Unrelated, if someone have a big group of friends who play DOTA together all the time, give me a call. I'm on that annoying limbo where the AI is easy, but real players are tough.