What a Hero Truly Needs

I used to be REALLY into Warcraft III, watched pro videos (go Grubby) and even got top 50 on 2v2 for a short while.

So, trying DOTA was a natural step, was hard to not notice the game infesting the custom game panel after all.

Like I said before, my welcome was harsh and the community worked hard to give me the worst opinion possible of it, this tainted my impression of the game and of the genre in general. I am not talking about rudeness or childish behavior but flat-out "never join a DOTA game again ever" kind of attitude, and I followed the advice.

So when Valve said "There will be DOTA2" I had already made my mind of skipping this one, after all, there is no way a DOTA game can be nice right?


What will make or break the game for me will be the community, but I am willing now to, at least, give it a 2nd chance.