Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled.

 Popular has it is, I don't think the Megaman franchise is that strong compared with others Capcom's games like Monster Hunter. The whole Megaman Legends 3 Project seemed more like a mix of laboratory and Inafune personal toybox.

With Inafune leaving the company (and perhaps with the game failing to achieve ground-breaking kind of hype like Modern Warfare) Capcom just decided party's over and pulled the plug.

Do I think it made it by spite? No. Do I think it's directly related to the creator of IP leaving the company? Hell yes. And Capcom trying to convince me otherwise is just damage control. In the end is about the money and Legends 3 didn't look like a cash cow.

However, I am not *sad* to see the game being cancelled. I've played my fair share of shody, rushed and overal mediocre games to know sometimes, less is more and if the game doesn't have the company interest, may as well not do it. Otherwise you have the "B" team working on it on the off-hours.

Lesson of the day - Don't follow the hype and lust for games which don't have a release date. I am looking at you Guild Wars 2.