I was welcome this morning with an empty inbox on my gmail. Google Help was adamant that my account was hacked and all my mails gone forever.

Given such grim news, I tried to minimize the damage by switching the passwords of most of my accounts before the "hacker" did more damage.

However, by checking the past account access log, I noticed there was none, it was like my sunday access was the 1st one ever on a fresh account.

Turns to be my account was hit by some weird bug / glitch / failure / whatever which reset it. No inbox, no outbox, no themes, nothing.

Right now google is working to restore the damaged accounts and I am here hoping for the safe return of my missing mails. All of this soured my day and thus, we have this "hilarious" comic which hopefully will help other people who have the same problem.


More info at - http://www.google.com/appsstatus#rm=1&di=1&hl=en