Non-Silent Protagonist

Let me clarify that I don't feel offended by the swearing of Bulletstorm. The proper term after a while would be "bored". After a point it begins to sound forced. It's the kind of thing that validates who says that gaming is something for kids.

As Borderlands, the game is a port of it's console version. Unlike Borderlands, they took the extra work to encrypt the configuration files so that if you want to change some options, get ready to have more headache you'd like. It's also is not light, making me wish a more powerful PC.

Otherwise, the game is beautiful and skillshots are ingenious. It's fun throwing an enemy across the room and see a flurry of combos to be generated.
Conclusion: If you do not care for adolescent / gratuitous humor, it's a good console FPS. Playing it on PC however can be a irritating experience.