Short, long, fun, pretty... it doesn't matter. Super Meat Boy sacrifices everything for being one thing: hard.

It's like Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball. The game is an excuse for fanservice and on Super Meat Boy, this fanservice is torturing you with excruciating hard sequences of jumps.

The game enjoyment, as with DoA Xtreme, is how much you enjoy a raw, pure challenge solely for the sake of the challenge. Note having fun isn't part of the equation: after failing the same level for the 50th time without any sign of progress the game charming characters, music and visuals all turned into a sour background to the sad tale of Meat Boy being cut to bits again and again.

The game, however, don't starts that much hard and if you decide to just try to finish Story Mode its just a reasonable challenge. But stuff like this is not for me.

In Meat Boy defense, it does not have cheap traps like I Wanna Be That Guy, or thumb-punishing bosses like the Prinny games. It's all about controlling your jumps.

Sometimes I remember fondly some plataformers of old like Super Mario World or Megaman and even play then again sometimes. When I think of revisiting Super Meat Boy I think: Never again.