What people are saying about "Lovander"
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5 months ago
@Samuel Measa google vaporeon copypasta
Gonzalo Regueira
5 months ago
Well, there a literal horny salamander in Pokemon as well.


People just want horny salamanders

5 months ago
I'm not surprised at all.
Since it doesn't show up immediately, knowing about Lovander would have required doing actual research and not just regurgitating the same drivel as every other gaming "journalism" site.
5 months ago
Considering how many pokemon people would like to have as their waifu's... Paleworld was sure to have one or more Gardevoir?
I had to google pokemon waifu for a name. I never got into the games like my brother who where the target audience in 98.
5 months ago
No no...I think we should let Game Freak's lawyers do their thing now.
For the sake of our souls.