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Moral Police
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Spencer Joseph Felix (Satu James Tokage)
8 months ago
This is fun. Though in cammy case her current outfit is more subtle than her SSFII incarnation(and even that can be unlocked again in SF6 >_<). For Mai, the "S" appeal is more for distracting purposes that actual Kunoichi(Female ninjas) could probably use that their male counterparts couldn't use.
9 months ago
Authentic american army uniform in fact looks so much better than bizzare outfit japanese cooked up.
9 months ago
I give the modders a weekend to fix this.
Actually they don't need a weekend to restore the original outfits. That's the time it will take them to add additional outfits and a nude option.
9 months ago
Morgan's apparently on a power trip from Mortal Kombat. Someone remove her licenses for moral policing, speaking and breathing. How anyone can put up with her is beyond me.
9 months ago
joke is on you, i'm into that
9 months ago
This isn't even a bit. Morgan just likes to do that.