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Baldur's Gate aged like a fine wine, but sometimes you have a reality check about the game age. Enter Cloakwood.

In Chapter 1, I receive a very uneventful quest of finding someone cloak on said Cloakwood. Pretty easy quest, go there, locate the missing item, and maybe kill a bear or something. It's the kind of quest you want to do sooner than later because it's close by and probably won't yield a big reward once you are in the later parts of the game.

Except Cloakwood doesn't exist. At least, not yet.

You see, to go Cloakwood you exit the city by the left side and the map icon for Cloakwood will pop for you to click and enter the region... except this only happens once you reach chapter 4. In Chapter 1 said Cloakwood will not appear. I explore all regions around the city, and the regions around those regions until I decided to see what was the deal and found that.

This is the kind of stuff that doesn't happen in modern games where the game all but holds your hand to where you should go, lighting the objective with sparkles once you get there.

Still, after losing hours looking for some woods which doesn't exist (yet) I kinda see the appeal of properly placed quest markers, or at least quests that only appear when you can finish them.