I started playing Baldur's Gate and it's an experience.

There is a certain vibe to it, I won't say archaic, more like "vintage". You can see its influences on modern games to this day. The game holds surprisingly well and probably introduced many of the features modern cRPGs use to this day.

Even trying to play it blind all my friends played and discussed it so a bit of it is already spoiled, but not enough to ruin the experience.

I still decided to play it blindly because I doubt any wrong decision will genuinely ruin the game unless I purposely do something stupid like making a Gnome Barbarian with negative STR and decide to slap Elminster.

For those curious, I decided to make an Elf Archer because I am vanilla like that. Yeah, I know casters are the meta but I am playing on Core Set rules (aka, "normal"), and I am confident I can finish the game with just that.

I'll keep you guys updated.