Life Lesson

My personal experience is any FPS now (and online games in general) is rife with cheaters.

Now, I am not saying it's as extreme as Escape From Tarkov but if I play a full session of any FPS, I expect to meet at least one cheater.

A quick google search shows dozens of available hacks, both free and paid... this is big enough to sustain a whole parallel industry.

The companies obviously don't like that, but not to the point of taking extreme measures against it. As long as the game LOOKS fair, it's ok, and this is my issue.

They know the game is not fair, but they know better than showing the players the numbers. The whole castle of cards would go down if people know how prevalent the issue is.

Still, because I have no proof, it's the kind of stuff people need to experience for themselves. Personally, I just dropped competitive ranked online games because of that.