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Design By Comitee

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9 days ago
it seems more like a list of what not to do
12 days ago
'Ideas to discard' should have been the header on that clipboard lol. Or do a followup from a small indie company.
13 days ago
So my question is, does Jo have an inside man on the Ubisoft Board of Directors, or is he psychic?
13 days ago
Btw you nailed it in the comic with the list of stuff that investor suits would add to monetize a game. Maybe I'd add "cosmetic DLC spam" and "worthless special edition" to the list as well but you could file those under lootboxes and fomo.
13 days ago
"Why anyone would play Babylon Fall over, say, Elden Ring or Monster Hunter?" - once the suits realize that's the question players ask themselves, all they will try to do is buying the IPs in question. Pandoras Box of predatory monetization opened and soulless investor driven corps are incorrigible.
15 days ago
Blizzard, on the other had, made a genuinely decent and good Diablo clone... and then crammed it with monetization techniques up to thew brim and overflowing. And it worked!