Design By Comitee

Both Babylon Fall and Marvel Avengers are games from Square Enix that got canned.

While I won't say either game was aggressively bad, when I see those generic souless games I always think... "why"?

Why anyone would play Babylon Fall over, say, Elden Ring or Monster Hunter? At least Marvel Avengers had the power of the Marvel IP behind it but even that could not keep a game devoid of content and interesting mechanics afloat.

Here is the kicker... the people who are making those games got so involved in trying to monetize it that nobody there remembered the game needs to be good.

I guess they believe if you put a bunch of 3d assets together and a character who can shoot at them you have a game and now you just need to open a cash shop to rack the prize because the gamers will buy like moths flying to the light.

And it could even be like that... except there are dozen of similar games in the market and people will gravitate toward those that suck less.

I'll not discuss the motivations of corporations being greedy, but you need to at least be smart about it. Those companies pretty much want me to open my wallet and give them money because they exist.