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Curse of Venus

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5 days ago
there is actual liked female turtles in the series now. look up the IDW comics!
7 days ago
Solution: instead of dabbing on Venus gendeswap everybody! Yes, Splinter too. Chochi did some art of that btw.
8 days ago
Funny thing is, female ninja turtles are making a comeback - see Jennika (though she was originally human and an established character in the comics). Also, Venus is returning, though with a rather interesting new angle as a Frankenstein's Monster type-deal with a dragon scale in her shell.
8 days ago
Exactly! Some fan service just ain't worth it.
Also, feel better soon!
8 days ago
Y'know, with the simple application of some body paint, that tentacle would look VERY much like a delicious slice of pizza to be licked and nibbled on.

Just sayin
8 days ago
Can't blame you Jo. I remember my brothers calling the Saban TMNT show "The worst". Part of that was that any live action adaptation after the first movie was off. Part of it was bad writers.
9 days ago
Jennika would like a word with you, Jo.