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Terrible Balance
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2 months ago
Why is this listed as "sonic" in the archive?
2 months ago
Balance is what makes a game fair for everyone but it loses what makes them unique if everyone plays the same way.
Fighting games are a good example. Guilty Gear and EVIL ZONE are both games that have interesting characters, but the former makes them mechanically different while the latter doesn't.
2 months ago
Unstated meta: pretty much everyone's running anti-magic armor that lets them ignore the first 100 points of (any color) blast damage.
2 months ago
Well at least both agree with the position.
If you lower the power of the red mage to 100 it becomes trash and increasing the damage of the blue mage to 100 it keeps being trash, clearly for the game any damage lower of equal to 100 make the class useless so both are right to complain.
2 months ago
Yuuuuuuup. This is video gaming at it's purest.
3 months ago
BRB rerolling the Yellow Mage.