Terrible Balance

According to some, Ignite Sorceress and Mayhem Berzerker got deleted from the game in Lost Ark PTR.

I am not even sure if Ignite Sorceress lost any DPS  (nerf on their signature skill multiplier but a buff on the attribute that affects the skill) and they are already jumping out of windows and letting suicide notes blaming Smilegate.

Now, Berzerket got fucked, but they were so strong even with the nerfs they -may- still be top dog. I am not saying good, I am saying top. Still, I won't be surprised if they finally are on par with the rest of the crew which, for some, means they are utter garbage.

tl;dr - Play what you like. Power is temporary but fun is forever.

p.s. I won't deny it the changes go like that, Zerk got hit and if you enjoyed the class power you are fine in not enjoying the changes. Still, being brought together to the rest of the flock is different from being a dumpster tier. This spot belong to Soulfist.