It's Magic!

Given people reaction about my frustation with the PS3, I resolved to dig it a bit further and explain what made barely play it.

Disgaea3 - The game itself have no big flaws, but given the game usual length and grind demand, I don't feel inclined to put time on it, specially since I will need to give the PS3 back sooner or later. Also, if I wanted to play what is basically a PS2 game I would play Okami instead.

Metal Gear - Pretty, but the moment I need to actually play it instead of just watching the cutscenes, my enjoyment plummet. Call me heretic, but I don't find Metal Gear gameplay fun, and the main reason are the controls. Kojima would make a kick-ass movie director though. 

Valkyria Chronicles - Now, this is bad. I did the huge mistake of not installing it first and had huge, insane loading times. After installing, it got better but the amount of work you need to do manage your troops is absurd. Your headquartes is in a screen separate of your story book, and every part of the headquarters demand a screen switch.  May as well made me need to walk physically there and train my troops personally. Also, terrible, terrible textures and (lack of) anti-aliasing.

I am spoiled by games with good interfaces. good graphics and small loading times, I see no reason to drag around menus when I could, you know, be having fun. However, bad as Valkyria Chronicles was it's the only game of the bunch which I wanted to finish because the story and the characters grew on me. Sadly, there is no shortage of good games to play right and any game which doesn't offer me the absolute best experience just go to the shelf.