Satan's Game 01

Oh boy, here we go...

People sometimes ask me why I don't do long arcs and there are several reasons... long arcs are lots of commitment and if people don't like the content, they may just drop it. I also lose the time to talk about any big game topic until the arc is finished and arcs are also harder to do art-wise. Basically, I have several reasons to NOT do it.

Still, I like doing them, even though they are not exactly good for the health of the site. Still, since it's the 3000th strip celebration I decided to give myself and the people who like those stories a little treat.

Usually, when I draw a comic I try to make it as accessible as possible because I assume people may not understand some subtle joke only people who played the game extensively would get but this time I am going to cram as many little nods to the game as possible. I still have a plot which will make (some) sense but I hope people who played the game will get some references here and there. Basically, this is the kind of comic a fan would like to read but even if you have little or not knowledge of the source it should be a nice read.

Hope you guys will enjoy it.

p.s. Until I finish the arc, I'll (try) to update it daily so check tomorrow for a new page!