Grammar Nazi

Can I even say the word nazi those days? I hope people don't read too into it or think I am somehow making some fascist propaganda or something. I'll probably trigger some bad algorithm anyway.

Some people may believe this is a jab at all the people who point to my English mistakes but the truth is... I don't care. I mean, obviously, I want the English to be correct but this comic is a one-man show, and if some mistakes pass I accept it as part of trying to juggle too many things at once.

Still, I usually ask people to review the strip itself and I use some online grammar corrector for the rant itself so the number of errors is considerably lower those days.

Also, some people just take joy in pointing mistakes so I like to think any error will make their days. Remind me when I used to work in publicity and my colleagues would put an obviously ugly graphic element so the client would have something they want to remove instead of trying to fix an otherwise good piece.