Too Easy

Pocky & Rocky is one of those games I love as much as Megaman and Castlevania but oddly, never turned into classics or even a cult classic. It kinda faded from the collective memory and being bombarded with multiple new games every day doesn't help.

I won't say there is anything revolutionary about the gameplay. It's a simple but well-made game, with cute graphics and nice music with a strong Japanese folklore theme. If you are an old weeb like me you'll like it, if you don't you may still like it but your mileage may vary. When I played it I was a small weeb who didn't know what was a tanuki or a Miko and now I am a huge weeb who will probably understand what is happening on the screen now. 

In an age where games expected me to watch the lengthy cutscene, grind for levels, and farm daily quests, I crave anything straight-forward where I can just start and play without a hassle.