Inappropriate and Objectionable

I been a bit tired lately and decided to pay the doctor a visit.

Did some exams and got the result today, except I am not a doctor so I don't really understand the results so it doesn't know if I have a problem or not yet.

Anyway, moving to the comic...

I think Capcom just wants to avoid people who put a Patreon / Gumroad as a storefront for fan skins. It's just undercutting on their business of selling their own skins.

Still, seeing Capcom call some content "inappropriate" made me giggle a little. They were probably one of the thirstiest mainstream companies of the 90s and were pretty risque compared to what you usually could see on your TV at the time.

They are on their (legal) rights tho and even if it sounds a bit hypocritical, there is a line between swimsuits and nude mods, thought in the end of the day, I believe their motivation is monetary, not moral.