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Princess Anduin

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about 7 hours ago
Because the writing and the gameplay are constantly trying to out do each other on how terrible they can get before the last player leaves. At this point fan fiction or even Goldshire ERP has better writing.
about 9 hours ago
The craziest part is that the city of Stormwind is entirely covered with gryphon riders. You cannot approach from the sky at all without having a shit load of eagle lions clawing at you. And they didn't even give chase.
about 15 hours ago
Despite it's success, WoW ruined Warcraft as a series. Not big surprise.
about 18 hours ago
Warcraft's lore, logic, continuity and common sense was thrown out the window year and years ago. It's sad really. Blizzard ruined retail, so they launched classic.
Then the players proceed to ruin classic. Blizzard and their playerbase pretty much deserve each other.
about 23 hours ago
Lore in a multiplayer game is useless.
1 day ago
but...big ship battles?
1 day ago
I hated the whole "navy" plot point of BFA for similar reasons. You all have inter-continental teleportation and portal magic, FUCK the navy.
1 day ago
Agora é a melhor hora para voltar a jogar.
1 day ago
Or they're a bunch of big baddies that could have just stomped into the castle, killed everyone in their way, and abducted their target that way. No pussyfooting around. But that would require re-texturing of environments and an event. It's just lazy storytelling. Thanks Activision.
1 day ago
From what little I'm hearing about this event, yeah. Lazy storytelling. Either the abductors put enormous effort into planning the perfect crime with inside information to execute it, meaning their weak opportunist (which they appear not to be)...
1 day ago
Priest powers* Remember, Blizzard isn't allowed to call him a paladin because he's the only lore relevant priest in the game.

He just got training with warrior fighting styles, and uses the light, LIKE a Paladin but not a paladin. Like races who can be warriors and priest but not paladins!
1 day ago
Naw, I'm with Jo here. He's got epic Paladin powers and yet somehow a single magic chain is enough to drag him off. It's just lazy storytelling.
1 day ago
*cracks knuckles*
Anduin was at his fathers grave, so not really a place for guards to stomp around.

The bad guys came out of magic clouds and basically phased from another dimension close enough to get a good jump on him.

These are death beings, even gryphons wouldnt approach them.
1 day ago
I mean, from looking stuff up, most of the leaders were stolen (like, all the ones they camera past earlier on in that cutscene video), we only get to see Anduin actually be nabbed. My guess on why it hasn't happened before is because this is the first time a bad guy attempted it with magic chains.
1 day ago
ROTFL love the falling guy from previous strip