Let me open saying Command and Conquer Remastered is not without issues. It seen some AI and campaign bugs exist and multiplayer is pretty much unplayable so if you hope to buy it to play with a friend, don't do it, period.

This said, the rest looks and sounds good. It looks good enough to make you want to play the game again just by the sheer force of nostalgia. If anything it shows what a remaster should be visually, instead of the train wreck which was Warcraft III Reforged.

Let this be clear, when I see Reforged, I don't see the game I played when I was younger. I recognize the units and maps and I can say "yes, this is based on Warcraft III" but it feels alien and doesn't make me want to play it. I seriously doubt anyone involved on it played the original and used it only has a frame of reference.