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4 days ago
GFL somewhat works like a lifestyle-ish game that does many things by itself, especially when one reaches endgame. Though it ages in some parts, It's fictionalized political story and subtle messages are still unmatched to this day in the field of mobile games. (The game is indie too)
6 days ago
-Dragalia Lost: Extremely generous, fun action-based gameplay that actually gets pretty hard in the endgame, and insane amount of character stories, decent main storyline, pretty good gacha rates
-Sennen Sensou Aigis: Great tower-defense style gameplay, very generous, good gacha rates, but only JP
6 days ago
A few other recommendations:
-Fate/Grand Order: Extensive lore, very strong characterization and story, F2P friendly, lot of waifus, but with terrible gacha rates
-Epic Seven: The game is gorgeous, the gameplay is good, they are generous with the freemium currency, the late-game is horrible, PvP
7 days ago
If you're looking for other choices, Arknights is also a good one to try.
8 days ago
Shop Titans has a pretty good community, and no gatcha. Not much sex appeal either, unless you want to count Sia, but I find even then the more chibi graphics alleviate that aspect.
8 days ago
corpse dragging. nice.
9 days ago
Welcome, Commander! Happy to have you!

..but note that they’re not weird gun girls, they’re tactical dolls that just happen to be named the same as their chosen firearm :P
9 days ago
9 days ago
I find the gacha game on my phone is great for waiting in boring places. It's shallow enough that I can just put down "super-casual" like. But enough progress from the grind to fill in 10-40 minutes while waiting.