Deep Gaming

Let me get this out of the way. Gachas gameplay is usually grindy and shallow and yes and yes, they go deep on the sexy appeal to a point it may repulse some people.

With this out of the way, it's one of the few places I found where the community actually talks about the game and are fairly happy with it. It been a long time since I found a game where people want to talk about the game (or their favorite waifus) instead of complain about the political stance of the developer.

Not to say this doesn't happen on some other games. Warframe and Path of Exile seen to have pretty solid communities which talk about the game too so you don't need to play a gacha for that perks.

However I don't enjoy Warframe or Path of Exile (for different reasons, they are fine games) and at least for now I been having fun collecting weird gun-girls in Girls Frontline.

p.s. I'm not being paid for this. I wish I was but I'm not, blame people on my Discord for pulling me into this. :)